Snyder's Attractions

Snyder's Attractions

Snyder's Attractions

Snyder's Attractions is a family owned and operated travel carnival that provides clean,safe and affordable entertainments. Snyder's Attractions has been serving the local community for decades and offers some of the best carnival food in the industry.

Scope of Project

Snyder's Attractions contacted us to help them design and host their website. Until now, Snyder's had not had dedicated website and needed a way for to reach more customers and advertise their services. They wanted to showcase their attractions and allow perspective customers to reach them anytime.

What we did

We sat down with the owners to discover what they were looking for in their new website. Snyder's wanted a single page where they could showcase their attractions using an image carousel as well as allow new and existing customers to contact the via phone or email.

We designed their new website using a bright color theme representing a fun atmosphere, similar to what you would experience at their carnivals. We wanted it to be simple, easy to navigate and offer a great user experience. We designed with a "mobile-first" perspective as most of their users will be visiting from mobile devices.


This project was really fun for us. This is the fist time we have had the opportunity to work with an amusements company. We hope to have the opportunity to work with Snyder's Attractions again in the future.

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